New Central Repository available v3.1.0

Hello all,

We updated our Central Repository [1] with the latest libraries and functionalities.

The changelog below is a summary with major highlights. To go further please consult:

The Central Repository is accessible by default in MICROEJ SDK and provides libraries to enrich your applications and help development. Please consult our Javadoc for more information [2].

Happy coding!



Multiple legacy versions of the NET pack were added to the repository as well as test suites.


Improve the Javadoc of MicroUI, add frontpanel APIs and custom image generators to the UI pack, modify the MicroUI low level API to match MISRA compliance, optimize the use of the cache and fix error codes use in the DMA2D low level implementation.


Add a legacy version of EDC, improve the Javadoc of the EDC 1.3.5 API, update the license of B-ON, KF, and SNI libraries.


Update the license and clean the copyright of the security API.


Add a first version of a regex library (a fork of Apache Jakarta), add first versions of regular expressions and formatting APIs for String.


Update the build type of the NLS library, improve the Null safety of eclasspath base64 and biginteger, add a RunnableFuture interface in the executor library, add a first version of tool allowing the addition of methods to Java classes.