MQTT example on ESP32 Wrover kit

Hi There,
I tried to run the MQTT example on the ESP32 Wrover kit with the Black VEE:


I can build it as a module, but when I try to deploy it it gives an error:
[M51] - Class ej.sni.SNI not found (class is referenced by the class ej/trace/Tracer).

Soar image generation aborted.

So it requires the SNI and it is not in the Black VEE ?
Is that right? I thought the black VEE was the superset?


Hello Sam,

Thank you for contacting us about this issue.

The latest Sandboxed IoT examples are not compatible with this firmware. Please use the 14.2.0 version of these examples available on our GitHub repository : GitHub - MicroEJ/Example-Sandboxed-IOT at 14.2.0

The Getting Started link will be updated with the corresponding IoT example version.

Moreover, a newer firmware will be available shortly to run the latest Sandboxed IoT examples.

Have a nice day,

Alexis CARE
For MicroEJ