Mode debug vs release

Hi everyone,

I have created 6 finite state machines (running on 6 threads). However, in “release mode”, dependencies are not met and threads were crashing. But, in “debug mode”, it works fine.

Error message is shown in image below :

I don’t know if you have encountered such a problem before but I will appreciate some help.


Hi @jug,

What do you mean by release mode and debug mode? Is it the libraries fetches using ivy? The way it is run (standard vs debug)?
What dependencies are you talking about?



Sorry for not being explicit. I was talking about the way the program was run (debug or standard).

The dependencies are just computations performed by some finite state machines that must be handed to some other machines to process them further.

Launching the run button starts the finite state machines, state machines are not synchronized, and shows me the error that i have reported before

Launching the program with debug button results in perfect synchronization between the state machines

Once again, each finite state machine is a thread.