MicroEJ Studio 4.1.5 vs MicroEJ Studio 19.05

Hi all,

I am confused about the new version of MicroEJ Studio. I have MicroEJ Studio 4.1.5 installed and I have been told to install MicroEJ Studio 19.05.

The version numbers seem quite different. Is 19.05 just an upgrade of 4.1.5, or does it contain (or lack) some significant features?



In our latest major version 5, we separated:

  • MicroEJ Studio/SDK version 5.1.0, including MicroEJ specific plugins:
    • MicroEJ Workbench
    • MicroEJ Module Manager
    • MicroEJ Font Designer
    • MicroEJ Heap Analyzer
    • MicroEJ Map Analyzer
    • MicroEJ Platform Builder (SDK only)
    • MicroEJ Front Panel Designer (SDK only)
  • MicroEJ Studio/SDK distribution 19.05, including:
    • MicroEJ Studio/SDK version 5.1.0
    • OS native installer for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
    • Eclipse Oxygen RCP (Rich Client Platform)
    • Additional plugins such as a C/XML/Markdown editors, Git client, Sonar client

This allow MicroEJ Studio/SDK to be updated later without having to re-install the whole software.

For further reading, please consult the Release Notes. You will find a Changelog section for both MicroEJ Studio/SDK distributions and versions. As you are migrating from MicroEJ 4, please have a look to the Migration Notes section as well.

At any time, it is possible to know which MicroEJ Studio/SDK version is currently installed on top of your current MicroEJ Studio/SDK distribution. For example, in MicroEJ Studio, select Help > About MicroEJ® Studio > Installation Details > Installed Software, then look at the line where the MicroEJ Studio version is displayed:


Hi Frederic,

Thanks for the answer. It is quite clear.