MicroEJ Repositories September 2022 Update

Hello all,

We updated our module repositories with the latest libraries and functionalities.

Central Repository v3.5.0 and v3.6.0

In version 3.5.0 you will find:

  • a maintenance version of MicroVG v1.1.1 with Javadoc fixes.
  • a new UI pack v13.3.1.

Version 3.6.0 contains updates to enable the build of Sandboxed Applications on device (see Application Linking — MicroEJ Documentation for more information).

More information in the Central Repository changelog: https://repository.microej.com/


The following Architectures and Packs were added:

  • ARM Cortex M4 GCC v7.17.0
  • Tensilica Xtensa ESP32 GCC v.7.16.0
  • several UI Packs for Cortex M4 GCC/IAR and Tensilica Xtensa ESP32 GCC

Release notes and changelogs of architectures are available here: MicroEJ Architecture — MicroEJ Documentation

Developer Repository

Abstraction Layer modules regarding vectorial graphics support were added such as freetype fonts and harfbuzz support:

The Central and Developer Repositories are accessible by default in MICROEJ SDK and provides libraries to enrich your applications and help development. Please consult our Javadoc for more information.

Happy coding!