MicroEJ Java VM for Windriver VxWorks 6.9 and/or 7.0

Dear MicroEJ,

We have a customer who wants to embed Java VM on top of their Windriver VxWorks 6.9 and/or 7.0, and i’m not quite sure if we can do this porting of MicroEJ Java VM for them - with or without technical assistance from MicroEJ.

i would like to know as well if MicroEJ have ever such an experience to port their Java VM into devices embedding VxWorks 6.9/7.0.

Thanks a lot in advance.

YH Kwon (@WooreeINFO)


We have already ported MicroEJ on VxWorks 6.9 for a Cortex-A8. It has been done on MicroEJ SDK 3.1.

The MicroEJ Architecture for VxWorks 6.9 (or 7.0) is not available in MicroEJ SDK 4.1. You will need it if you want to port MicroEJ on your device.
It would take a couple of weeks for MicroEJ to develop this architecture for an ARMv7-A architecture (e.g. Cortex-A9).

Best regards,