Matrix Keyboard

I developed a 16-key keyboard driver.
Now that the C-low level functions are done, how can I get integrate and link them to the java layer?

Do I have to modify the “buttons_manager.c”, “buttons_helper.c” and “event_generator.c” files to declare my keys?

Or do I have to make my own files?

Do you have any examples of a matrix keyboard declaration?

In the meantime I tried to declare the category “inputs” in “ui”, and I have a compilation error at the BSP level:

The functions “LLINPUT_IMPL_enterCriticalSection”, “LLINPUT_IMPL_leaveCriticalSection” and “LLINPUT_IMPL_initialize” are not recognized!



The best way to do it right now is to declare 16 buttons in “buttons_*” files. Unfortunately we don’t have an example for such a device.

The compilation errors are likely related to missing implementations in the “LLINPUT.c” file. The header files with these prototypes are located in the “includeAPIs” folder of your platform, can you check if the implementations are in your project?

Hope this helps,
Bastien, from MicroEJ

Hi Bastien,
It was my problem, I forgot “LLINPUT.c” file
It’s working now