Low Power modes

Hi MicroEJ team,
I am still browsing around your web site, and I see little info on Low Power ? From my understanding, having a green threads architecture running on (any) RTOS makes MicroEJ VEE one of the most powerful virtualization to handle Low Power. Indeed it makes it very easy and practical to leverage LowPower modes of the Hardware it is running on. I assume there is one unique “API” that is called when the MicroEJ VEE has nothing to do (such API centralizes the holistic approach of the Low Power management in MicroEJ) ?
If my assumption is right, what are the chips that MicroEJ already supports, and what are the consumptions when MicroEJ VEE is on hold ? Can you also provide any data on the startup boot-time, or the wake-time ?

Looking forward to reading you.