License check failed in SDK 4.1.1


When I try to build my project I get the following error:

      [M65] - License check failed [Could not access native libraries. Internal error, code=2].

But when I go to Window > Preferences > MicroEJ > Architectures I see that my license is valid for the architecture that I am using.

Do you know what could cause my issue?


Hello @edward

Your issue can be caused by the use of the wrong MicroEJ SDK version or the wrong Java version. These issues have been described in the following post: [RESOLVED] Error when building a platform: "could not access native libraries"

First, check that you did not install a 64 bits MicroEJ SDK if you are using a 32 bits OS. You can check easily by looking at the installation path:

  • C:\Program Files\MicroEJ is a 64 bits version
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\MicroEJ is a 32 bits version

Then check that you are using the right Java version according to you MicroEJ SDK version:

  • Go to : Help > About > Installation > Configuration
  • Look for the -vm options line and make sure it’s a 32 bits Java if you are using a 32 bits MicroEJ SDK or a 64 bits Java if you are using a 64 bits MicroEJ SDK

You also have to check the Java version used for building projects:

  • Go to Window -> Preferences -> Java -> Installed JREs
  • Check the Java version


Hi @alexis.pineau,

I checked my Java version in Window β†’ Preferences β†’ Java β†’ Installed JREs and it was a 32 bits JVM, I set it to a 64 bits version and it solved my issue.

Thanks for your help