Licences files not found

have the following message when I run the built platform from the MicroEJ configuration platform file. There seems to be a licensing problem?
We used microEJ SDK version 3.1.0 for our previous project. We use dongles to exploit MicroEj.
I downloaded microEJ version SDK 4.1.5 for micro F7, when I ask the “built platform” there is this message.
“Licences files not found”

Is there another license in addition to the dongles?

Hi @lelong,

MicroEJ provides two types of licenses, evaluation and production. With the dongle you have a production licence.

Our packs and architectures are built for one or the other and does not support both. The architectures and packs that are available on the SDK and downloadable from are evaluations ones, so cannot use a production licence.

To download production license, you can go to

  • Connect using the account link to your dongle
  • Go to My Product
  • Download and install the production architecture matching your SDK version (a zip file contains the architectures and a readme file the instructions to import them).