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how write an app to start after boot?


Hi kalagar.bashir,

Can you tell us more about what you’re using and what you need? I’m guessing that you want to have an app start automatically when a MicroEJ firmware starts?

Bastien JAUNY, from MicroEJ


Yes, exactly. I am using STM32F746 discovery board and microej studio. Is there any solution?


If you look on the SD card, there should a file in /usr/storage/kernel.

To boot all the apps at startup, this file should have the following property:

If you’re looking for a single Java application being flashed on the board though (and don’t want a multi application firmware), you might want to take a look at the “Getting Started with MicroEJ SDK” documentation over here:

Bastien JAUNY


in that folder there is just feature-5-hello-1.0 file that is related to hello world example application that i installed on it.
i need a kind of application like launcher on android. i want to use microej studio. i think there should be some thing like shared interfaces.



Can you tell me which steps did you take from scratch? What version of the Studio did you install, which platform or virtual device did you install, which documentation di you follow, etc.

Bastien JAUNY


Dear bastien
i have solved it. the solution is WADAPPS. this means i should write system apps. all system apps will start just after os boot.



Glad you found it! In the future, don’t hesitate to give details about your issues, it helps us to find a solution faster.

Happy coding with MicroEJ!

Bastien JAUNY