I have a Wrover kit with a micro-SD card. Built-in wifi test is working well reading properties to configure local network.
I’m trying to read files and I have the exception in this topic subject. I’m using this dependency for file system:

What did I forget?

I have some messages before exception:

com.microej.wadapps.kernel.bootlist.bootlist WARNING: not found.
com.microej.wadapps.kernel.bootlist.embeddedbootlist WARNING: Use default embedded bootlist.
ej.wadapps.applicationstore.applicationstoreconnectioninfo INFO: Storage id wadapps_application_store_info not available.

Hello David,

The ESP32WROVER Black VEE does not provide access to the FileSystem library, see release note.

If you need to develop a Multi-Sandbox application using the FS library on the ESP32WROVER, I would recommend you to build your own ESP32WROVER Firmware from our Kernel GREEN sources:

Best regards,


I’m working on the real device not with VEE.

Hello David,

MICROEJ VEE is the application container that both runs in simulation and on the device.

Please refer to our Glossary for more information: MicroEJ Glossary — MicroEJ Documentation