Ivy resolver fails


I am new to MicroEJ and try to build a hello world application for the FRDM-KL46Z virtual device. But I get only errors because Ivy cannot resolve dependencies:
Some projects fail to be resolved
Impossible to resolve dependencies of com.microej.example.components#helloworld;3.0.0
unresolved dependency: ej.api#edc;[1.2.0,2.0.0[: not found
unresolved dependency: ej.library.runtime#components;[3.0.0,4.0.0[: not found
unresolved dependency: com.microej.example.components.helloworld#user;[3.0.0-RC0,4.0.0-RC0[: not found
unresolved dependency: com.microej.example.components.helloworld#publisher;[3.0.0-RC0,4.0.0-RC0[: not found

Do I do something wrong? Or what is the problem?

Hi @Rik,

This is quite strange indeed, are you sure you can access the MicroEJ Central Repository [1] on your computer?
EDC for example is a central part of the runtime you cannot do anything until you resolved this library.
Could you give me the version of the MicroEJ Studio and the version of the KL46Z you use?

Best Regards,
Gaëtan for MicroEJ

Hi, thanks for your reaction! It had to do with the proxy server i am behind, since with a direct internet connection everything seems to work fine. Now only to find out how to get it working behind the proxy.

Hi @Rik,

Great news!

You can work with the offline version of the repository so you won’t need to work around the proxy.
See http://repository.microej.com Using the Repository -> Working Offline.