Issue building a kernel

Hello there,

I was interested in the multi-app feature and therefore started to build a kernel from scratch following the kernel dev guide: Kernel Creation — MicroEJ Documentation

But I am facing an issue when it comes to building the kernel using the build module.

I am currently using the STM32F7508 VEE port v1.5.0 available on github:GitHub - MicroEJ/VEEPort-STMicroelectronics-STM32F7508-DK at 1.5.0

Once I have imported, and built my VEE port, I tried to load it in my kernel in local in the module ivy using the following line: <ea:property name=“” value=“[path-to-local-platform]” />

But from some reason, once I start the build of my kernel I am getting the following error:

The Platform must have been built from an Architecture version 7.10.0 or higher (Architecture version not found)

Whereas from what I have seen, the VEE port I am using is based on the 7.16.1 arch.

Does anyone have any idea what is happening and how can I fix my problem ?


Hi @stinlot,

It looks like the directory you set to [path-to-local-platform] is not a VEE Port directory or does not contains the file.

Can you share the result of the following command

ls [path-to-local-platform]

with the same local path you set to <ea:property name="”"value=“[path-to-local-platform]” /> ?


Hello @frederic.riviere,

Thanks for the quick response,

Indeed using your answer I managed to fix my problem

The path I was using was .../STM32F7508-Platform-CM7hardfp_GCC481.5.0
but it actually needs to point to the source folder so I needed to replace it with .../STM32F7508-Platform-CM7hardfp_GCC48-1.5.0/source

The build now goes through successfully

Have a good day.