Invalid Proxy Error

I am trying to compile an application against a custom kernel.
When I add a dependency to the wadapps framework in the application, I have this error:

[M34] - Type is an invalid Proxy class for shared interface
(line 17 of /Users/hrohloff/.ivy2/cache-cross5/ej.library.wadapps/framework/jars/framework-1.10.0.jar[])
    	<sharedInterface name=""/>

What can I do to solve this?

Hi Henry,

The Proxy class must comply with the Kernel&Features specification (e.g., section 8.3 Proxy Class):

  • it extends ej.kf.Proxy
  • it implements the Shared Interface
  • it provides an implementation of all interface methods

If these conditions are already met, you can also check that the Kernel on which you are building your application allows to define Shared Interfaces, by exposing the ej.kf.Proxy as Kernel API.

Thanks Frédéric. The ej.kf.Proxy type was missing in the Kernel API (I also need to add all its methods).