Internal SOAR Error

MicroEJ Team,

I am just getting started with the MicroEJ SDK trying to get sandboxed applications running on our custom hardware. I have built the platform, created a simple kernel, created a sandboxed application using the appropriate EasyAnt skeleton and implemented the SNI calls in C. I have built my C Firmware but I can not build the sandboxed application against the .elf as I receive the following message:
=============== [ Initialization Stage ] ===============
=============== [ Launching SOAR ] ===============
[M0] - Internal SOAR error. Please contact MicroEJ support. (-1)

Soar image generation aborted.

I thought I was told to select the .elf file as the kernel in the run configuration (Configuration tab -> Feature -> Dynamic Download -> Kernel). Is this correct? Do you have any other suggestions for me to try?

Hi @ssampson,

Which software environment (Java Platform, compiler, RTOS, stacks) are you using to create you firmware?

It would easier for us to understand what is happening with which parameters you are using.


Hello Gaëtan,
I am Steve’s colleague. We are using the following:

Platform: A custom M7 platform
Compiler: GCC


Hi Lyle,

Following our PM, the issue came from an invalid elf file. A standard readelf shown an error and fixing it solved the issue.