Import enum from a foundation library


Is it possible to import an enum type from file declared in a foundation library ?

My enum is declared as public in a separate file. In MicroEJ SDK it finds the file as when i ctrl + click on the name it redirects me to the enum declaration. However, when compiling it does not find the file or does not import it correctly (it appears that the compiler tries to import a class and not an enum).

 [java]      [soar] 1 : SOAR ERROR
 [java]      [soar] 	[M51] - Class [package_name].[enum_name] not found (class is referenced by the class [file_using_imported_enum]).

Thanks !


Hello @oscar.munoz ,

Do you still have your issue? It could be a discrepancy between the compilation classpath on the SDK side and the compilation classpath on the SOAR (our Ahead Of Time compiler and optimizer) side.

Could you give the full trace of this launcher execution with the verbose activated (in your Run Configuration activate the Verbose option in the Execution tab)?

Thank you.
Gaƫtan for MicroEJ