IMAGE GENERATOR ERROR : [M6] - Invalid image path


This is not a question but rather something I found during my development and I figured I’d posted here to help others who might encounter this issue.

So, here is the error log I had when building my application

[java] [ImageGenerator] 1 : IMAGE GENERATOR ERROR
[java] [ImageGenerator] [M6] - Invalid image path
[java] [ImageGenerator] (line N of A_PATH.jar[PATH/lib.images.list])

This error occurs because the image pointed at line N doesn’t exist.

Now, in my case it was a bit more complex because:

  • module LibFoo contains the lib.images.list but not the image file
  • module AppBar depends on LibFoo and should provide the image file

But in my application I use a metabuild and build multiple firmwares, and it was only 1 specific firmware variant that didn’t provide the image file.

Hope that may help others.