How to use a local platform to build an application

Hi MicroEJ team,

In a nutshell, I would like to know if it is possible to use a local platform to build an application.

I have a patched platform where I modified one of the frontpanel jar files to fix an issue. I would like to build an application using that frontpanel and provide an file to one of my collegue to show him my fix result.

When I run the simulator locally with my patched platform, I can see my fix but when I try to build the application, it seems that the SDK fetch the original platform from my artifactory repository.

I don’t want to publish a new platform for every new fixes I do, so is there a way to build the application with the local patched platform?

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Our documentation about platform selection describes 4 different ways to specify the platform to be used in a project.
From what I understand about your use case, the second one (using the build property is probably the one you want to try.

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Hi Thomas,

Thank you for your answer. I tested your proposal and indeed it solves my issue.