How to publish WPK

Hi, I am Zhao, we want to use MicroEJ to develop products. if our custom want to install their WPK only. how to do it ?


Hi Zhao,

You have two ways to offer a WPK installation to your customer:

  • through a MICROEJ Store/Forge (if your firmware is a MICROEJ Firmware [1] you can use the Community Store [2]), you can publish the WPK in the store for your customer to install later.

  • through the Firmware Customizer, using the Virtual Device associated with the MICROEJ Firmware.(You can find the Firmware Customizer tool in the MicroEJ Tool Run Configurations, choose your Virtual Device in Target Platform and choose Wadapps Firmware Customizer in the Execution Settings). It allows to bundle an existing MICROEJ Firmware with a WPK pre-installed as a system application.

Gaƫtan for MicroEJ