How to Load SVG image

How to Load SVG image

I see the svgImage load in the watch demo, it use the com.microej.vivante.utils.SvgImage.
But this function is not available in the release version of microej.
At present, I need to realize the rotation of the dial pointer, but the standard png image will have serious jaggies during the movement. I hope to use the svg format image instead.

Hi guankai,

The Vivante Vglite API for vectorial drawings is currently only available for the NXP RT595 hardware. I suggest that you use the MicroUI API instead for drawing the dial pointer.

You can use the API TransformPainter.drawRotatedImageBilinear() or TransformPainter.drawRotatedImageNearestNeighbor() from the Drawing library (TransformPainter).
This bilinear algorithm performs better rendering than the nearest neighbor algorithm but it is slower to apply.