How to generate a standalone simulator (Virtual Device Player) that runs without MicroEJ SDK/Studio installed on your machine




  • A MicroEJ SDK 4.1.4 or later
  • A MicroEJ 4.1 Platform Reference Implementation imported into the MicroEJ repository. See
  • (
  • An activated Evaluation or Production license.
  • A working Java application that runs on the above platform simulator


  • Create your player project using File > New > easy-ant project and choose com.is2t.easyant.skeleton#firmware-singleapp;+ as skeleton.
  • Delete the src/main/java, src/main/resources and src folders from your recently created player project
  • Right click on your Java application project and select ‘run as>run configurations’
  • Select common tab. Check save as shared file and apply to save launcher properties.
  • A new file ___.launch will be added to your Java application project. Right click on this file to export launcher properties.
  • Choose Launcher as Properties File and save it to the build folder of your player project.
  • In your player project, open the module.ivy file and replace <ea:property name="application.main.class" value="com.microej.example.Main"/> by this property <ea:property name="virtual.device.sim.only" value="SET"/>
  • Uncomment this line <ea:property name=“” value="[path-to-local-platform]" /> and replace value path to the .bin folder of your local platform.
  • If the Java application is a multi-sandbox application and has dependencies to the wadapps library, add the following dependencies to the module.ivy:

<dependency org="com.microej.library.wadapps" name="standalone" rev="[2.0.0-RC0,3.0.0-RC0["/>
<dependency org="" name="management" rev="[2.2.6-RC0,3.0.0-RC0["/>

  • Add the following dependency to your player project where applicationName is the name of the Java application:

<dependency org="com.companyName" name="applicationName" rev="0.1.+"/>

  • Build your Java project with EasyAnt (right click on the project -> build with EasyAnt)
  • Build your player project with EasyAnt (right click on the project -> build with EasyAnt)


A .zip file is created in the Artifacts’ folder in the player project. The zip file contains a standalone
executable that runs without MicroEJ SDK installed on your machine. JRE7 or later is required to
execute the standalone player executable.