How to configure LLNET_DHCP_CONF


I am currently using the NET library for one of our projects and I have a strange behavior: the DHCP task is not present for one of my application.

I can see in my code that the DHCP task is started depending on that variable:
int32_t dhcpConfEnabled = LLNET_CONF_is_ip_dhcp_enabled() == LLNET_CONF_TRUE;
#define LLNET_CONF_is_ip_dhcp_enabled() ((int32_t)&LLNET_DHCP_CONF)

This LLNET_DHCP_CONF variable seems to come from the Java world but I can not figure out exactly where. What is strange is that this variable is true for one of my application and false for the other one althought the java code is relativelly similar.

Can you please help me to find where this LLNET_DHCP_CONF is defined?

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This variable is not directly set in the Java code, but in the properties used to build your project.

If you’re working on a MicroEJ Standalone Application, you can set this property in your launcher, under Configuration > Libraries > NET > Network Settings.

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Hi Thomas,

Thanks, that effectively fixed my problem.

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