How to add MicroVG API module to the project build file?

Hi,I have some problems.
To use the MicroVG Foundation Library, I have to add [MicroVG API module] to the project build file.I add in module.ixy but I can’t find build.gradle.kts to add implementation,so when I run the application it reminded me that <STM32L4R9DISCO-Platform-CM4hardfp_IAR83 does not provide implementation for:-MICROVG-1.2.0>.How can I solve this problem?
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Hello @Chenlj0718

STM32L4R9DISCO-Platform-CM4hardfp_IAR83 does not provide an implementation of the vector graphics library MICROVG 1.2.0, if you want a similar VEE port with vector graphics support I advise using the NXP i.MX RT595:

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Thank you for your reply! I have another problem that does the previous project report errors when running on the NXP i.MX RT595?

What kind of errors are you getting? Can you provide a stack trace or compilation issues if you have any? (You can find compilation issues in the Problems view in MicroEJ SDK.)

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Hi,sorry to bother you again.Is there any other way to draw arc text like Vector when only on STM32L4R9DISCO-Platform ?

Hello @Chenlj0718,

You can draw text on an arc by using the TransformPainter.drawRotatedCharBilinear method.
It allows to draw characters with a rotation. You will have to compute the rotation of each character to draw them on the arc.

You can find an example of code that draws on an arc (but for images) here.


Hello!I want to know what kinds of interfaces or methods we can use to realize the same function like Service of Android?And use what to store data like database?

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Hello Chen,

We have the ServiceLoader and Storage libraries that may fit your needs. Tell me if you need more information.

For future questions that are not related to the same subject, can you please create new forum topics so we have separate forum topics for the different subjects.

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