How can I display a bitmap on MicroUi


I would like to display a bitmap (RGB) image that I stored as a resource on MicroUI

for vectorial images there is
final VectorImage

but I did not find the equivalent for Bitmaps



Hello Guido,

We have a handy example on how to load raster images (in the example we use PNG):

If you want more information about loading images, here is the full documentation: Image Loader — MicroEJ Documentation

Have a nice day!
Gaëtan for MicroEJ

Hello Gaetan,

thanks a lot for the examples: they really help

Please bear with me as my java is quite rusty:

I tried to extend Image class
public class BitmapImage { extends Image

as is done in
public class ResourceImage extends Image {

but as the Image constructor is private I cannot; here’s why

Why does it work for ResourceImage?
How can I do the same?

Thanks a lot


Hello Guido,

The Image constructor has the package visibility so as for the private visibility you cannot extend it.
The ResourceImage class can extend Image because it is in the same package.

Why do you need to extend the Image class?