Glossary Update Announcement

Dear MicroEJ users,

We recently renamed our “Platform” denomination to “VEE Port” clarifying associated engineering activity and produced artifacts. The term “Platform” appears too generic and confuses some of our newcomers. Our team is progressively making changes in our documentation and materials, and all mentions of “Platform” will be removed by the next major SDK release.

Take a look at our updated glossary page to familiarize yourselves with MicroEJ key terminology.

We also clarified the term “Firmware,” which applies to building applications on VEE Ports based on MCUs. In addition, the term “Executable” will be applied when building VEE Ports on top of high-end operating systems such as Linux.
The term “Executable” can also be used globally to describe the process of building applications on VEE Ports based on MCUs or MPUs alike.

Based on our users’ feedback and suggestions, we strongly believe these improvements will help clarify and improve your journey with MicroEJ. Should you have any questions or comments, reach out to us at

The MicroEJ Team