Generate Javadoc for custom libraries


I’m currently working on a project where I developed several custom libraries.

I would like to generate a Javadoc that would gather all those libraries (similar to the one that can be found on your Central Repository).
Is there a way to generate such a Javadoc in MICROEJ SDK ?



Hi Fabrice,

You can build a dedicated module repository including your libraries, with Javadoc generation enabled.

  • Skeleton Name: artifact-repository
  • In module.ivy generated by the skeleton, remove skip.javadoc option or set it to false
  • Once your repository is built, the javadoc will be generated in target~/javadoc directory

If you just want to generate the javadoc of your libraries, set skip.retrieve.checker to true to build a partial module repository without dependencies:

See the Module repository javadoc documentation here.


Hi Frédéric,

Thanks for your answer, this fits with my use case.