GDB Hardware Debugging plugin


The MicroEJ SDK 4.1.3 does not have the C/C++ GDB Hardware Debugging plugin installed. Will this be supported in future releases? Also, is it safe if I install and use the plugin from Eclipse CDT site?

Thank you,

Hi Valentin,

The MicroEJ SDK 4.1.3 is built with the default plugins from the CDT. The CDT feature suite does not include the C/C++ GDB Hardware Debugging plugin by default anymore.

You can install the plugin:

  • by activating the CDT Site in Window > Preferences > Install/Update>Available Software Sites.


  • selecting (1) the site , searching for gdb (2), and selecting C/C++ GDB Hardware Debugging (3) and installing the plugin from Help > Install New Software....


We will see in future releases if we decide to include this plugin in the MicroEJ SDK by default.

Thx for your message.


Hi Gaëtan,

Thanks for the support.
I followed your recommendations and GDB debugging is functional.