Executor Service

I am trying to create an executor service:

ExecutorService executor = new SingleThreadExecutor();

And submit tasks that implement callable:

Callable<Result> task = new Worker(arg1, arg2);
			Result result =  null;
			Future<Result> future = this.executor.submit(task);
			try {
				result = future.get(1000, TimeUnit.SECONDS);
			} catch (InterruptedException | ExecutionException | CancellationException e) {
				// handle exceptions
			} catch (TimeoutException e1) {
				// handle timeout

But I am getting an UnsupportedOperationException. Does your SingleThreadExecutor not have all of the functionality of an ExecutorService?

Hi stephen,
The SingleThreadExecutor does’nt implement all the ExecutorService. It only implements the run and shutdown methods.

Do you have anything that implements the entire ExecutorService in MicroEJ or is this something you do not support?

Hi Stephen,
The feature is currently not supported.