[ESP32WROVER KIT] Build Project fail using ESP32 toolchain


Following MicroEJ Platform Reference Implementation for ESP32WROVER 1.4.4, from TLT-0832-DGI-PlatformReferenceImplementation-ESP32WROVER.PDF document.
Using MicroEJ® SDK, Version 19.05
Os : Windows 7

At step Build and link the platform :
using esp32_win32_msys2_environment_and_toolchain-20180110

In file included from C:/Users/XXXXX/.microej/workspaces/MicroEJ-SDK-19.05/ESP32WROVER-MyPlatform-GNUv52_xtensa-esp32-psram-bsp/Drivers/esp-idf/components/cxx/cxx_exception_stubs.cpp:1:0:
c:\users\XXXXXX.microej\workspaces\microej-sdk-19.05\esp32wrover-myplatform-gnuv52_xtensa-esp32-psram-bsp\tools\msys32\opt\xtensa-esp32-elf\xtensa-esp32-elf\include\c++\5.2.0\cstdlib:41:28: fatal error: bits/c++config.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.

Compilation fails regarding some dependencies not found
but still, file is present in include PATH…
After discussion with support teams, seems that long windows PATH leads to confusing error when parsing file path

Thanks for your confirmation.



Hi @Gilles,

Indeed, Windows have issue to support path longer than 260 characters (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/fileio/naming-a-file#maximum-path-length-limitation). This leads to the compiler not finding the files.

If you move your workspace to a shorter path such as the root of your FileSystem, it should be fine.



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Thanks Pierre for your feedback.

Correct : moving to short path directory is fine

thanks again