Error when building a firmware on Platform Espressif-ESP-WROVER-KIT-V4.1


I’m trying to build a firmware on WROVER using GitHub - MicroEJ/Platform-Espressif-ESP-WROVER-KIT-V4.1: MicroEJ Platform for Espressif ESP-WROVER-KIT V4.1 but I have the following error:

Invalid hardware machine

What did I miss?


Hello Medhi,

What version of MicroEJ SDK Distribution are you using? See MicroEJ Editions — MicroEJ Documentation to determine your version.

The Platform Espressif-ESP-WROVER-KIT-V4.1 requires a MicroEJ SDK Distribution 20.12 or above (the platform build requires a MicroEJ SDK 5.3 or above).

Note that you can refer to MicroEJ SDK Distribution Changelog — MicroEJ Documentation for the list of MicroEJ SDK Distribution available.


Hi, upgrading to the distribution 20.12 fixed the issue. Thanks!