ej.widget.composed.Wrapper can not find in widget version 4.0.0

ej.widget.composed.Wrapper exists in version 2.4.1 of the widget, but it has been removed in widget 4.0.0. Has this class been transferred to another package? Or there are new features to replace it

Class ej.widget.StyledComposite;
And ej.mwt.MWT; also removed in 4.0, in the new version, what should I use to replace

Hello @guankai,

The ej.widget.composed.Wrapper has been removed since Widget 3.0.0. You can create a container that has the same behavior than ej.widget.composed.Wrapper by extending the new class ej.mwt.Container.

The class ej.mwt.Container has been added since Widget 3.0.0 and replaces ej.widget.StyledComposite.

The constants provided by ej.mwt.MWT are now defined in the classes ej.mwt.util.Alignment and ej.widget.container.LayoutOrientation.

Here is some documentation about the new Widget and MWT versions: Graphical User Interface — MicroEJ Documentation.
You can also follow the UI tutorial: Get Started With GUI — MicroEJ Documentation

Hope this helps,