Dongle not recognized by SDK on Windows 7 VmWare VM

Our Dell/VmWare server hosts a Windows 7 VM on which the MicroEJ SDK is installed. The SDK starts up just fine, but it can’t find our USB dongle-based license.

The Windows 7 VM “sees” the MicroEJ USB dongle with license (I can see it as a USB/HID device in Windows 7 device manager. Also, the MicroEJ license updater can see the dongle and it can successfully update it.

Any ideas on how to make the SDK see the USB-based dongle and the license on it? Thanks!

Hi David,

Are you sure you executed the MicroEJ USB updater on the hard drive of the VM, we had an issue when executing the updater from a network drive that produced these kind of “false positive” flashing success.
Also can you test this dongle inside a traditional OS (meaning not a VM) to see if it is valid in the MicroEJ SDK?


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