Differents sizes of .o

Hello everybody,
I have a question about the .o generate by the sdk.
When i compile on two differents pc my project, i have two .o files with a different size.
But the project is the same on the two computers and the sdk too.
So, my question is:
How it can be possible to have two différents size of .o file?
And what can impact the size of the generated file?

Thanks for all.


If you are using the same SDK, the same Application and the same VEE Port on both of your computers, the different size of the .o files can come from your launchers configurations.

For example, on the Runtime part of the configurations you have the Embed all type names. If you uncheck it, it will not embed the type names and the .o file will be smaller.

The size of the generated file can be impacted by the class, the types, the fonts, the images, the libraries of your application…
You can find detailed information about what your application contains in the SOAR.map file. Here is the documentation: Build Output Files — MicroEJ Documentation
The SOAR.map file is generated in a folder which named like the main type of your application.

Hope it will help you,

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