Deploy an application on my board

I’d ran my application in MicroEJ Studio, and tried to make a local deployment by socket on my board STM32F746G-DISCO, the console showed error messages below, what is the reason?**deploy%20error

Hi @MJ163,

This error occurs when:

  1. The studio cannot reach the address Can you check that you have access ?
  2. You try to deploy a big application and the timeout is raised before the end of the deployment. You can increase it in the run configuration.


Thank you for your suggestion! I’v deployed my local app into my board by means of socket.
However, is it possible to deploy locally by serial port(like UART)?


We have some demonstration firmware that have this capability, however it is not publicly available.

You can also deploy the application as resident app (embedded in the firmware) and flash it.


Hi @pierre.rivron,
Okey, I’v got that!!
At present, I find a configuration showed below, it seems to generate a .out firmware file, is this file the app standalone firmware? How does it work on my ST board?
In addition, I select this set and run it, the console shows the error, what’s the problem?
[M15] - No Feature definition file found.

Soar image generation aborted.


If you select deploy as resident App in the Execution tab you can configure the output file where you are, this will generate a .out file that can you can flash using MicroEJ tool to flash (Flash with ST Link for the ST boards).
If you select deploy over socket, you can configure the IP and timeout where you are (in the configuration tab), on the second menu Local Deployment (Socket).

The error No Feature definition file found.* is when no feature had been defined. Could you check:

  • you are using a sandboxed project
  • You have a meta inf folder
  • You defined a background service or an activity in the manifest file