Dependency Discoverer fails with "Error code = -3"


I’m trying to check the dependencies of a Java SE library compared to MicroEJ libraries.

My JAR file is PICOCLI : (

I dropped it in the classpath folder as indicated in the documentation:

However, I get the following trace:

Starting dependency discoverer.
[M0] - Internal limits (please contact your vendor).
Error code = -3
Contact IS2T support

What does this error code means ?

(I’m using the latest version:

Thanks for you help,

Hi Lucas,

Assuming you are using latest version of our tools (currently 2.2.0 at the time I’m writing,, there could be 2 reasons for this error message:

  1. corruption of the imported .jar file

  2. the Jar file is Java 8 => current MicroEJ runtime compatibility is Java 7 (see

Kind regards,

Hi Stephane

The file checksum is correct so I guess it shall depend on Java 8 specific features.
I understand that I have no chance to run this binary JAR file directly on MicroEJ.
I will have a look to the source code instead.

Thanks for your quick reply !