Configure Cortex M4 Port

Hi all,

I have recently adquire a STM32L496G-DISCOVERY board which has a Cortes M4 MCU to develop a personal project. Precisely I would like to develop a smartwatch.

As I am in the first stage of the development I am searching for the best IDE that suits my project. I came across MICROEJ and I think that is the most suitable as you can go as much deep in complexity as you want without being a drag and drop enviroment.

I have found that the lack of much documentation is a drawback but I would like to know if there is a guide or tutorial on how to configure a setup that is not already supported as a platform by MICROEJ. I think that this would be really helpul for me in this stage and later when I get the custom board for my project.


Hi @gbarrena,

You may have a look at this how to. You can see MicroEJ supported board here, in your case, I would recommend to have a look at the STM32F7 Cortex-M7 which is up to date. The STM32F429I-DISCO and STM32439I-EVAL could also be interesting to have a look to but are only available from MicroEJ 3.1.


I do not see the point on buying another board. Is there any way I could make a firmware for my board with the sdk?

How do you build for custom boards?

The link I gave you is a How to create your own MicroEJ platform on a custom board .

This will explain you how to port MicroEJ on a custom board but it may be a good start to modify an existing platform and use it as a template, hence the boards I recommended.