Computing the footprint of a foundation library


Following your Foundation Library tutorial on GitHub, I created a new foundation library for my platform and adapted to my needs.

Now, I would like to know its footprint. When I open my .map file, I can find symbols in the ApplicationCode section, but I would like an automated way to either put them in a dedicated category, or at least have their total footprint output in the console.
Is there a way to customize the .map file view to have such additional information?


Yes, it it possible to extend the Memory Map Analyzer with custom categories in addition to the default ones provided by the Platform.

After opening a .map file, you can browse for additional Memory Map Scripts (.mms files) as shown below:

The script contains commands for the Memory Map Interpretor (see MicroEJ Linker — MicroEJ Documentation for available commands)

In your case, you have to create a new graph (aka a new group of sections) from symbols names corresponding to your library code.

Usually, the library is declared in a dedicated Java Package.
Assuming your custom library is in the com.mycompany package, you can declare in a .mms file the following command with the given symbol pattern:

createGraphNoRec MyCustomLib _java_[A]*[LP]com_mycompany.*

Then browse this file and press the Run button.
Your new category will appear in the list in alphabetical order:


Hope this helps,


Hello Frédéric,

That worked perfectly. Thanks a lot!