Compile app with mmm

Hello MicroEJ team,

I have setup the java-testsuite-core-runner project from github (VEEPortQualificationTools/tests/core/java-testsuite-runner-core at master · MicroEJ/VEEPortQualificationTools · GitHub), the test suite runs fine when I build the project with mmm. However I would like to build the project in another “mode”. Instead of running the tests I would like for the build to only compile a test application, like creating a launcher in the IDE and then running it to deploy the microejapp.o and microejruntime.a.

I use the command mmm build on the java-testsuite-core-runner project, is there any way I can tweak this build to do what I want?



Hello Philip,

The java-testsuite-runner-core is configured with the microej-javaimpl buildtype (see module.ivy#L10).
This buildtype executes the Test Suite plugin.

Therefore, running mmm build on this module will automatically start the MicroEJ Test Suite Engine.
This means that not only it will compile the test Application but it can also link it with your VEE port, flash your device and parse the traces in order to produce a JUnit tests report.

If you want only the first step, consider using a different buildtype.
Typically, you can use the buildtype for a Standalone Application.

Best regards,