[CENTRAL REPOSITORY] The MicroEJ Central Repository has been updated

Hello all,

We’ve just updated the MicroEJ Central Repository [1] with three new libraries and a new version of the widget library. Here is the changelog:

  • Update of ej.library.ui.widget v2.3.5: fixes on the Animator class
  • Addition of ej.library.util.dateformat v1.0.0: a utility library for formatting dates
  • Addition of ej.library.iot.hoka v4.0.0: an embedded HTTP server
  • Addition of ej.library.iot.restserver v3.0.0: a REST server based on Hoka

The MicroEJ Central Repository is accessible by default in the MicroEJ Studio and SDK and provides libraries to enrich your applications and help development.

Good coding!
The MicroEJ Team

[1] https://repository.microej.com/