[CENTRAL REPOSITORY] The MicroEJ Central Repository has been updated v1.8.0

Hello all,

We’ve just updated the MicroEJ Central Repository [1]. Here is the changelog:

Features updated:

  • Update of ej.library.runtime.components v3.2.3: bugfixes and enhancements.
  • Update of ej.library.runtime.basictool v1.2.0: adding packed maps with a weak key, bugfixes.
  • Update of com.microej.library.wadapps.kernel.common-impl v4.1.2: fix a dependency issue.
  • Update of ej.library.iot.hoka v4.1.0: speed optimization.
  • Update of com.microej.library.profiling v0.4.0: Add possibility to print overall or interval range for Automatic profiler.
  • Update of ej.library.wadapps.framework v1.7.2: bugfixes.
  • Update of ej.library.iot.restserver v3.1.1: change configuration to avoid port already in use errors.

Features added:

  • Addition of ej.library.iot.aws.aws-iot v1.1.0: an Amazon Web Service IoT Client (needs runtime support)
  • Addition of googlecloud.iotcore.pubsub.gcp-iot v1.0.1: a Google Cloud Platform IoT Core Client (needs runtime support)
  • Addition of com.microej.library.signature v1.0.1: a digital signature library.
  • Addition of ej.library.eclasspath.base64 v1.0.0: base 64 encoder and decoder.

The MicroEJ Central Repository is accessible by default in the MicroEJ Studio and SDK and provides libraries to enrich your applications and help development.

Good coding!
The MicroEJ Team

[1] https://repository.microej.com/