[CENTRAL REPOSITORY] The MicroEJ Central Repository has been updated v1.7.0

Hello all,

We’ve just updated the MicroEJ Central Repository [1] with three new libraries and a new version of the widget library. Here is the changelog:

  • Update of ej.library.iot.restserver v3.1.0: add resource and gzip endpoints.
  • Update of ej.library.iot.rcommand v2.8.1: Fixed an issue with ChunkedInputStream.read() returning signed integers instead of values between -1 and 255. Added readObject method to read parameters in a type-agnostic way
  • Update of ej.library.ui.mwt v2.2.3: Remove absolute bounds computation. Inline some method calls.
  • Update of ej.library.util.filemanager v1.1.0, ej.library.util.filemanager-fs v1.2.0, ej.library.util.filemanager-ram v1.1.0: Added move() to storage. Added exists() to storage.
  • Addition of com.microej.library.profiling v0.3.0: debug and profiling library.
  • Update to a lot of artifacts to add signature capabilities to MicroEJ Firmwares

The MicroEJ Central Repository is accessible by default in the MicroEJ Studio and SDK and provides libraries to enrich your applications and help development.

Good coding!
The MicroEJ Team

[1] https://repository.microej.com/