Central Repo v3.0.0 Post-Announcement


We published a new major version (3.0.0) of MicroEJ Central Repository (Module Repositories — MicroEJ Documentation).

Among other updates, a set of former modules have been removed. This results in a simplified set of MicroEJ APIs.
To get the list of all changes, please read the Central Repository v3.0.0 Changelog.

At the same time, all removed modules have been added to the Developer repository.

If you are currently using the MICROEJ SDK default configuration (online repositories use for evaluation purposes), there is nothing to do, provided your are using MicroEJ SDK 5.4.0 or higher. Otherwise, if you are already developing online, we recommend to switch to a local copy by downloading the latest 2.x version (2.16.0). The steps to update your MMM settings file are described in Production Setup section of MicroEJ Developer - Embedded Software Ressources and Libraries.

For more information about the MicroEJ Central Repository and the Developer Repository, please visit Module Repositories — MicroEJ Documentation.

Happy Coding!
The MicroEJ Team