Cannot install MicroEJ Studio 4.1.5 on my Windows 7 PC



i tried to install the MicroEJ Studio 4.1.5 this morning my time, but i see only the error message on screen like “The provided JVM architecture does not match required one.” even after i installed successfully the latest Java VM from Oracle, JRE1.8.0_201.

Can you please advise me on where i have missed anything in the process?

Thank much in advance.
YH Kwon

*. PS: i saw some official message on MicroEJ FAQ while i was writing this topic; which says:

“MicroEJ does not currently support JRE or JDK 9.”

Is this still true?


This problem has been solved when i installed JRE 1.8.0_131, and i’m so sorry about this.

YH Kwon

Oh ok no problem, simply glad it works for you.