Artifact checker


I am trying to build my library module in release mode (artifacts.publish.level and artifacts.fetch.level properties set to release) but then I get the following errors from artifact-checker:check-current-module:

[script] 2020-07-10 [ERROR] [x] [changelog] <my module>: Changelog file not found.
[script] 2020-07-10 [ERROR] [x] [license] <my module>: License file not found.
[script] 2020-07-10 [ERROR] [x] [readme] <my module>: Readme file not found.

Is there something I can do to bypass these checks ?


Hello Alan,

Yes, you can skip the checks by setting the following properties:

  • skip.changelog.checker
  • skip.license.checker
  • skip.readme.checker

Best regards,