APP creation from a class that implements the wadapps interfaces

Dear Support,

I have written a small class that implements wadaaps BackgroundService.
How can I package it into an APP (a Feature) ?

My code is indeed a derivative work from a previous example, from which I have renamed my main class. Some mysterious “src-adpgenerated/wadapps/java” is generating some code that has not the right shape. The system keeps telling me there is an error, but I do not know how to fix it ?
I could not find the way to package my APP, which main class has been rename/refactor.

Looking forward to reading you to write my first APP.

I am using Studio 19.2 (with all the update done as of today).

Best Regards

Hi @JohnGardyne,

You can create a multi sandboxed app from a MicroEJ Studio (or SDK), by using the right project wizard New > MicroEJ Sandboxed Application Project and you can include your background service implementation in it.

The META-INF/MANIFEST.MF file contains the information regarding the metadata of a sandboxed application including what Activity or BackgroundService is used. Then sources are generated depending on the information inside. Here is an example of the property specifying which background services are tied to an application:
Application-BackgroundServices: com.microej.MyBackgroundService

Unfortunately when changing the background service name you have to manually update the META-INF/MANIFEST.MF file to match your new class name.

Hope it’ll help.