Android Adapter in MicroEJ?


In Android, there are Adapter classes which allows to display huge data list.

The Adapter automatically fetch and release data while user is scrolling the list. This allows to reduce memory footprint in RAM.

Is there a similar mechanism in MicroEJ ?

Thank you.

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Thanks CGORAND for the post. Your question is indeed crucial.
On wearable, RAM is often limited, so it is important that a widget does not “allocate” the full list before it displays it. I would extend the scope of your question to resources management. How does MicroEJ VEE handles freeing images/fonts/strings… which are often big objects ?



There is no such adapter in the UI library but it seems to be a really good idea that I will discuss with the development team.

On a side note the performance of the list widget is not impacted by the number of elements so even though the memory consumption is not optimal the animation performance is not impacted.


Thank you for your answer, but a list with 87K x5 elements is definitly not possible ^^

We will change UI design by adding a button to select pages.