[WooreeINFO] MicroEJ Java applications to be stored at QSPI-flash memory - on top of STM32F746G-DISCO device


Lately when i tried running some of sample Java applications on top of STM32F746G-DISCO device, one of the references by MicroEJ; i found out that all the downloaded Java applications are stored at the microSD card.

Do you think the storage space for Java applications can be moved to the QSPI-flash memory?

If yes at the above, is there any way i can get some updates on this from MicroEJ, 1) the Virtual Device and 2) the MicroEJ Firmware?

Please correct me if there is any misunderstanding of mine, and thank you so much in advance.

YH Kwon

Hi @kwonyh,

Yes it is technically possible to store the application once downloaded in a QSPI Flash. But it is not our policy on firmware we release for evaluation purpose. We are using the storage on SDCard for the sandboxed Java application but also for configuration files of the firmware and the sandboxed application. Some of these configuration files we want accessible and modifiable to users so pretty much incompatible with QSPI Flash since it would be bothersome to modify the flash externally to the board itself.

So while it is technically possible it would a pretty heavily custom firmware that would have to be restarted from scratch.

I hope I answered properly to your question.
Gaƫtan for MicroEJ