[WooreeINFO] JVM Porting for Nuvoton MCU(Cortex-M4) + FreeRTOS

Dear MicroEJ,

We might face a case of porting Java VM for the device, where the Nuvoton MCU, ARM Cortex-M4 based, and FreeRTOS are embedded.

When i searched through your website(developer.microej.com), i found nothing relevant to Nuvoton and my questions here are as:

a) Have you ever experienced the JVM porting work for such a device based on Nuvoton MCU, more preferably ARM Cortex-M4 based one?

b) If you answered yes above, how much would be the impact to the development lead time - compared to a STMicroelectronics MCU, again based on ARM Cortex-M4?

Thanks much in advance for your feedback.

YH Kwon

Dear YH Kwon,

We have experience using M4 MCU with FreeRTOS over different founders, but not Nuvoton yet. Which toolchain (compiler, linker…) will you use ?

From our experience we already have the architecture for the M4 used on different founder and different platform examples with FreeRTOS, it should not impact much the development lead time.


Hi…I would like to properly assess stack usage throughout our system but without being clear on what exactly uses which stack, this is not so simple. There is also a reliability aspect to consider since it may be unlikely that a task may hit its peak usage at the exact time when an interrupt fires that needs the most stack, however when it does.

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Hi @FonsCarver,

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