[PLATFORM] [RENESAS] Synergy Development Kit DK-S7G2


We just have released the platform for the Renesas Synergy Development Kit DK-S7G2 board [1] on developer.microej.com.

  • The mono-sandbox platform is available for MicroEJ SDK 4.1.
    • You can install the binary platform (.jpf) file using the File->Import->MicroEJ->Platforms menu. The sources of the platform (reference implementation) can be imported using the File->Import->MicroEJ->Examples and Platform Reference Implementations menu.
    • The platform includes the following features: UI, Network, SSL and file system (FS).
    • The platform BSP drivers are based on ThreadX for GCC compiler, with SSP1.3 [2]. More information are available in the platform documentation once imported in MicroEJ SDK.
    • Next, you can play with the foundation libraries examples available on our Github repository [3].

Here’s a video of a washing machine GUI application running on the board: [4].

[1] https://developer.microej.com/index.php?resource=JPF
[2] https://synergygallery.renesas.com
[3] GitHub - MicroEJ/Example-Standalone-Foundation-Libraries: This project gathers all the basic examples of the foundation libraries.
[4] Connected Washing Machine demo running on Renesas Synergy S7G2 - YouTube

MicroEJ Team